what are you waiting for? we will die!

The Hopi Indians

The Hopi Indians are from Arizona. Their predictions are large scale, as all the prophecies of the Maya. Centuries ago, they announced the arrival of new men with beards and pale skin, wearing unknown weapons, and mounted on strange animals. They have crossed the ocean to the east and would cross emblem. These men would break the sacred circle of the nation, in harmony with Mother Earth, imposing a lifestyle of balance, called Koyaanisqatsi. This mode of life will be doomed to disappear … Edifying … Continue reading


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The Sumerian belief

Nibiru (Marduk) turned in the opposite direction of other planets and its orbit was not necessarily in the plane of the ecliptic (the orbital planet of the other planets), which would mean it was not for the solar system its origin. The Enuma Elish (Babylonian sacred text) states that Nibiru (Marduk) was a planet “nomadic” propelled into the solar system (and captured) due to a cosmic event of unknown nature. His path through Neptune and Uranus, have followed a motion made in the direction of counterclockwise to the reverse direction of rotation of other planets orbiting the sun. The combined gravitational effects of these other planets have Marduk then deflected toward the center of the solar system, full training (The Sumerian tablets do not refer all but certainly have not been found and a large number and especially better ). Life seems to have flourished on Marduk, probably after his capture by the solar system, leading to an extraterrestrial civilization (the Sumerians Annunaki for Nefilim and to the Babylonians and later the Hebrews) have acquired a certain mastery of interplanetary travel before the disaster. Indeed, Nibiru / Marduk came so close to what was then our orbit, one of its moons collided with Tiamat (Sumerian texts suggest rather less accurate assumption that the shock on the two planets themselves) cutting it in half. The upper part intact Tiamat (and its main moon) was (were) shifted (s) on a new orbit between Mars and Venus to be after a new equilibrium (and geological reconstruction) our Earth as it is today . The other part of Tiamat (the one who suffered the shock) have been reduced to pieces to become, according to the Sumerians, the “hammered bracelet” that we call the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. In this regard, it has identified significant gaps within the asteroid belt (diameter of about one million kilometers) that explains the phenomena of resonance with Jupiter. But that could also be justified by the orbit of a large planetary body that has crossed. Continue reading

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Think About It !


Read up? At the read end up? at the end:

* Why is it so difficult to tell the truth, while c? Is so easy to lie?
* Why are we so sleepy in mosque but become straight when we were suddenly called to prayer?
* Why is it so difficult to speak of God when it is so easy to talk about the latest releases and sports?
* Why it is so boring to read an article on? Islam, when it is so easy to read celebrity gossip in this world?
* Why it is so easy to delete an email that religious then? It is so faciled? Send a joke?
* Why are mosques are becoming smaller, while dance clubs are becoming bigger? Continue reading

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2012 Predictions by Kenneth Patrick

The world will end there December 21, 2012? The Mayan calendar ends on that date. Does this have to do with the “end of the world” that we know? The Mayan calendar. What makes the timing so important? Why all the fascination today about the Mayan calendar? For a schedule is the most accurate ever developed by man. It is so precise that it provides thousands of events planetary, lunar and solar years before they occur. It provides something for us in 2012.

How dated December 21, 2012 has been derived from the Mayan calendar? As mentioned before, the Maya used several calendars to select their calendar. The Mayans used a series of cycles which are composed of larger cycles to what we call a long cycle. This long cycle just happens to end December 21, 2012, corresponding to the end of the Mayan calendar. Continue reading

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Islamic Perspective

The End of the World (yawm to Qiyama) [3], which appears in Christianity with a very real sense, tends to produce some reluctance in many people by the seemingly unlikely the case, but what is said regarding this issue within Islam? First, we must know that it is a central issue among Muslims. Actually, the whole prophecy (al-naba), the news brings the Prophet Muhammad, is deeply related to the eschatological, World’s End and the subsequent resurrection of all creatures. To analyze it and frame it in the Islamic perspective is necessary to take into account a number of elements that are fundamental. Continue reading

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What the Bible actually says?

The great day of Jehovah began in 1874 and will continue 40 years and end with the expiry of the times of the Gentiles in the dethronement of the worldly and satanic rule on earth and full investiture of Emmanuel Jesus Christ and the saints .. . The times of the Gentiles will end definitively in 1914 y. .. at that time will be demolished and the Kingdom of Christ will be fully established.

(Studies in the Scriptures, pp. 170 and 250). Continue reading

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Second Coming of Christ

The goal of our earthly existence is a single thing we prepare for eternal life. Christian wisdom is to maximize the precious gift of time to ensure the afterlife. Our Lord Jesus Christ in many of its precepts exhorted his followers to value time and live constantly prepared to meet God and to be accountable for their actions. (See, for example, the description of God’s judgment in the Gospel of Matthew (25:31-46), the parables of the Savior about the tares (Matthew 13:24-43), about the servants who are waiting his master (Luke 12:35-40), about the unjust steward (Luke 16:1-13), the wedding guests (Luke 14:16-24), talents (San Mateo 25 :14-30), of the workers who received the same return (Matthew 20:1-16) and the 10 virgins (Matthew 25:1-13). Continue reading

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As happened a thousand years, the approaching end of the millennium provoked a wave of concern about the times ahead. For centuries there have been many who have been prophesying the end of the world, obviously all missed, but also had to be made smaller than predictions were fulfilled even centuries later, also predicted an end, Am I right? Continue reading

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The End of The Earth

What will be the end of the earth? The first to attempt a detailed study of past history and likely future land without recourse to divine intervention was the Scottish geologist James Hutton. In 1785 he published the first book of modern geology, in which he admitted that the study of the earth he saw no sign of a beginning or end any prospects. Continue reading

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